Group Exhibition, Workshop and Symposium

New World Order

Welcome to the Future

New World Order is a group exhibition curated by Furtherfield and presented in Rijeka as part of the European project State Machines. The exhibition brings experimental artworks by artists Jaya Klara Brekke, Elias Haase, Pete Gomes, Rob Myers, Max Dovey, O’Khaos, Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling, Max Hampshire, Lina Theodorou, Corina Angheloiu, James Stewart and xfx (a.k.a. Ami Clarke).

Being part of a bigger two-day event on the blockchain technology, the exhibition opened on Thursday, 15 February at 20.00 and stays open at the Filodrammatica Gallery until 9 March. Admission is free.

New World Order imagines a world in which responsibility for many aspects of life (reproduction, decision-making, organisation, nurture, stewardship) have been mechanised and automated, deferred to the blockchain, transferred, once and for all, from natural and social systems into a secure, networked, digital ledger of transactions and computer-executed contracts.

Artworks featured in New World Order include a self-owning, self-exploiting forest with ideas of expansion (Terra0); a self-replicating android flower in the form of a metal sculpture that, in return for Bitcoins, commissions an artist to create a new artwork (Plantoid); an illustrated sci-fi novella dealing with the implications of a new wave of fully financialised planetary-scale automation (Bad Shibe); and a film collecting different takes on blockchain technologies by leading thinkers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists (The Blockchain – Change Everything Forever), among other things.

The exhibition is part of a large-scale programme of publications, workshops and talks that brings together leading international artists and writers from across the globe. Launched at Furtherfield Gallery in London’s Finsbury Park in May 2017, it arrives to Rijeka after it was presented at Aksioma Project Space in Ljubljana.

The aims of the two-day symposium were to broaden the insights on the blockchain technology and its use outside of the sphere of the cryptocurrencies. The event gathered people who shared their experiences with the implementation of blockchain technology into different projects, e.g. projects in the area of sustainable development, humanitarian work, social and financial assistance to disempowered and poor, and new ways of financing cultural and artistic production. The introductory presentation on blockchain technology was held by an IT journalist, a free software expert and one of the leading domestic computer technicians – Radoslav Dejanović.

A member of editorial team Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield, London) presented a book entitled Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain, which gives insight into the artistic, speculative, conceptual and technical aspects on the topic.

Paul Kolling, Jaya Klara Brekke and Max Dovey, artists whose works are part of the New Worls Order exhibition opening in Filodrammatica gallery, will participate in discussions on social and artistic implications of blockchain.

15 February - 09 March 2018
Filodrammatica Gallery


Jaya Klara Brekke
Pete Gomes
Rob Myers
Paul Seidler
Paul Kolling
Max Hampshire
Lina Theodorou
xfx (aka Ami Clarke)
Max Dovey
Corina Angheloiu
James Stewart
Ruth Catlow
Max Dovey
Jaya Klara Brekke
Paul Kolling
Radoslav Dejanović
Marina Petrović

Project coordinator:

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