Artist talk

From 1 to 100 Pixels

Surveillance, Privacy and Computer Vision

This talk by American artist Adam Harvey will explore new ways of appearing and disappearing in a machine readable world including strategies for blocking face detection and thermal imaging, and tools for advanced visual-metadata analysis.

Today, using only 1% of one Instagram photo it’s possible to detect a face and extract enough information to profile individuals by inferring their age, race, gender, intelligence, sexuality, emotions, beauty, sociability, body mass index, success as a CEO, criminality and more.

The use of facial recognition technology for commercial or military purposes is becoming more common and those concerned about protection of privacy, like Harvey, are aiming to develop different methods of exaggeration, overwhelming or camouflage, thus providing a creative resistance to large corporations or governments whose interests have dangerous implications for the personal privacy in the machine readable world.

In 2010, he launched CV Dazzle, a research project about creating a form of camouflage against computer vision, using haircuts and make-up to make a face unrecognizable to most surveillance algorithms.

Adam Harvey is an artist and independent researcher based in Berlin. His work investigates surveillance technologies and explores potential responses and adaptations to a world of increasing mass surveillance. Previous projects include developing camouflage from face detection (CV Dazzle, 2010) fashion to thwart thermal surveillance from military drones (Stealth Wear, 2013), a low-cost WiFi geolocation spoofing device (SkyLift, 2016), and a computer vision fooling scarf (HyperFace, 2017). Harvey is a frequent lecturer on the topics of computer vision, privacy, and surveillance and has presented at TedX, EU Annual Security Symposium, re:publica, German Spy Museum, and the Chaos Computer Club.

09 November 2017
Filodrammatica, Rijeka


Adam Harvey

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