Facial recognition

Dos and Dont's in a Machine Readable World

This workshop will teach participants how facial recognition works and explore the implications for living in an increasingly machine readable world. Today, using only 1% of one Instagram photo it’s possible to detect a face and extract enough information to profile individuals by inferring their age, race, gender, intelligence, sexuality, emotions, beauty, sociability, body mass index, success as a CEO, criminality and more.

The workshop will be divided into two sessions. In the first session, participants will learn about the history, capabilities, and the broader picture of the how the biometrics industry, academia, and government surveillance are all linked together. The second session will cover the actual algorithms, computer vision frameworks, and technical approaches used to analyze facial information. The workshop will conclude by building a small-scale facial recognition system to recognize everyone in the workshop.

Adam Harvey is an artist and independent researcher based in Berlin. His work investigates surveillance technologies and explores potential responses and adaptations to a world of increasing mass surveillance. Previous projects include developing camouflage from face detection (CV Dazzle, 2010) fashion to thwart thermal surveillance from military drones (Stealth Wear, 2013), a low-cost WiFi geolocation spoofing device (SkyLift, 2016), and a computer vision fooling scarf (HyperFace, 2017). Harvey is a frequent lecturer on the topics of computer vision, privacy, and surveillance and has presented at TedX, EU Annual Security Symposium, re:publica, German Spy Museum, and the Chaos Computer Club.

10 November 2017
Filodrammatica, Rijeka


Adam Harvey

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