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Crypto Design

The aim of the Crypto Design Workshop is to “go diving” into the Deep Web, to decrypt its content, and explore how these hidden infrastructures could be empowering, hospitable, and inspiring. During this 2-day workshop, participants set out to find new tangible and visual metaphors that contribute to an understanding of the Deep Web beyond the iceberg and navigation metaphors. The workshop kicked-off with talks by researcher Patricia de Vries, film director Anthony van der Meer, and designer Tim Brouwer. Loes Bogers, design researcher at the MakersLab at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, led the rest of the workshop.

The event was wrapped up with the lecture by Gert Lovink entitled Digital Money for All! The Politics and Aesthetics of Internet Revenue Models and the presentation of the publication MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype at the Poligon Creative Center in Ljubljana.

Credits and more information about this event and its side programme HERE.

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Patricia de Vries: Masks and Camouflage as Artistic Cryptographic Strategies


Anthony van der Meer: A Guided Tour Through the Clear, Deep and Dark Web


Tim Brouwer: Cryptographic Collectibles: the Materiality of Cryptography


Gert Lovink: Digital Money for All! The Politics and Aesthetics of Internet Revenue Models


6 - 7 March 2018, 17 April 2018
ALUO - Department for Visual Communication and Poligon Creative Center

Institute of Network Cultures


Patricia de Vries
Anthony van der Meer
Tim Brouwer
Loes Bogers
Geert Lovink

Project coordinator: