• Celebrating the success of State Machines!

    Throughout 2 years, close to 66,500 people across Europe and over 100,000 online engaged with the State Machines programme. We introduced audiences to the works of more than 400 artists, creatives and researchers – originating from 42 countries, inside and outside Europe. State Machines succeeded in multiple ways: exhibitions conceived at the edges of Europe travelled to multiple venues, channeling attention to new artists and new ideas, while institutional-scale projects found new forms in diverse spaces outside their usual orbits.

  • State Machines book – OUT NOW!

    The contents of the book "State Machines - Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance and Art" shed light on a selection of the ideas and activities currently resisting the hegemonic, systemic violations of often talked about but seldom cited human rights.

  • Critical Engineering: Radical Tools for Interventions in Infrastructure

    Nearly ten years after the “Critical Engineering Manifesto” was first published, it becomes more relevant than ever: listed on the walls of hacklabs, museums, engineering and media-art academies, and in a great many texts, the world over.

  • My Delight on a Shining Night

    A solo exhibition by James Bridle that connects histories of surveillance and covert communication, data and visuality, migration and nationalism through video, and exercises in database recovery and storytelling.

  • New Dark Age – Technology and the End of the Future

    James Bridle presents his book New Dark Age – Technology and the End of the Future at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana.

  • DAOWO Blockchain Lab got the 2019 ‘NICE’ award

    DAOWO Blockchain Lab was awarded 2nd prize in the 2019 European Centre of Creative Economy ‘NICE’ awards. The prize was awarded for “hacking blockchain technology with artistic methods with a human-centric approach that is about distribution & decentralization of power in emerging cryptoeconomic systems”.

  • My Name is Janez Janša Screening

    My Name is Janez Janša – The film that inspires you to google your name again! Documentary screening + artist talk/Q&A with Janez Janša at Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam.

  • Announcing State Machines Art Commission – Vending Private Network

    We are delighted to announce the selection of Vending Private Network by The Critical Engineering Working Group for the State Machines new art commission. This new interactive artwork will be touring to four international galleries: Furtherfield Gallery, NeMe Arts Centre, Aksioma Project Space and Filodrammatica.

  • Transnationalisms Conference in Ljubljana

    An international conference about identity and citizenship in the age of planetary-scale computation exploring the ways in which technology, art, and migration are changing the nation state. Who counts as a citizen? Where is home, when everything you have is online? How do you measure a melting border? And what might a community of the future look like?

  • Geert Lovink’s lecture in Ljubljana

    Geert Lovink's lecture Digital Money for All! The Politics and Aesthetics of Internet Revenue Models and presentation of the publication MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype in Poligon Creative Centre, Ljubljana, on April 17th.