Šum #10.2 – Cryptocene

ŠUM, Journal for Contemporary Art Criticism and Theory, n. 10.2
Editors of the issue: Marko Bauer, Andrej Škufca

In his short theory-fiction PJ Ennis imagines a crypto-world or rather post-crypto-world of the 31st century depicted through the perspectives of three prisoners. Among other things it offers a concise history of monetary theories as new religions/ideologies.
Nick Land’s text is the 1st chapter of his book Crypto-Current dealing with bitcoin and philosophy that he has been working on for several years. This is the first time a part of the book is published. Its initial hypothesis is that Satoshi Nakamoto’s brief document, i.e. 64 words that launched bitcoin, will in the future have the status of a pre-Socratic fragment, which will be endlessly dissected by philosophical schools.
Edmund Berger discusses blockchain in terms of long-term economic cycles and speculates whether it constitutes a new techno-economic and thereby aesthetico-political paradigm. The text aims to reclaim modernity and open up an alternative modernity that breaks with the past in order to achieve a New Reality Principle, that is, New Reason.

PJ Ennis, Nick Land, Edmund Berger

Aksioma invited Šum art journal to produce an issue on blockchain. In it, you can read how PJ Ennis imagines a 31st-century post-crypto-world; Nick Land's take on Satoshi Nakamoto’s 64 words that launched bitcoin; and Edmund Berger's view on blockchain's long-term economic cycles and a new paradigm.