• State Machines: Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, and Art

  • State to Stateless Machines: A Trajectory

    James Bridle has spent the recent years researching citizenship-by-investment and related technologies: special economic zones and free trade areas, freeports and seasteads, blockchain and other supposedly emancipatory but inhuman and asset-based protocols for identity management.

  • Šum #10.2 – Cryptocene

    Aksioma invited Šum art journal to produce an issue on blockchain. In it, you can read how PJ Ennis imagines a 31st-century post-crypto-world; Nick Land's take on Satoshi Nakamoto’s 64 words that launched bitcoin; and Edmund Berger's view on blockchain's long-term economic cycles and a new paradigm.

  • Challenging Infrastructures. Alternative Networking & the Role of Art

    During the last 15 years, an emerging scene of network practitioners from different fields has been actively involved in building alternative networks of communication and file sharing. In this text, D. Dragona and D. Charitos present some exemplary initiatives studying how they evolved over time.

  • I Saw the Blockchain at the End of the World, Turned Around, and Walked Back

    A mysterious and controversial technology is among us: the blockchain. Constructed by unicorns piecing together the necessary building blocks of code, cryptography and incentives, it can lead humankind to Utopia, or to the Final Solution – the End.

  • Notes from the Excluded Middle

    Is the idea of society as the totality of individuals the only way of envisioning human sociality, or is it only a historically determined construct? What other dimensions emerge when we shift from thinking in terms of individuals to dividuals and their assembling into condividuals? Which are the political implications of this shift in the contemporary capitalism that already operates on a condividual level?

  • Janez Janša® Exhibition Catalog

    The catalogue of Janez Janša® – the anthological exhibition curated by Domenico Quaranta and presented in 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (+MSUM) in Ljubljana – presents a comprehensive selection of works and projects produced by Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša over the last ten years.

  • Janez Janša and Beyond

    In the summer of 2007 three artists from Slovenia legally changed their names to “Janez Janša,” the name of the right-wing Prime Minister at that time. Four eminent European philosophers – Robert Pfaller, Mladen Dolar, Jela Krečič and Slavoj Žižek – confront the implications of this name change and its consequences in four essays.

  • MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype

    In this second MoneyLab Reader, Institutes of Network Cultures explores digital economy, the cashless society, alternative blockchain imaginations, financialization of the arts, platform cooperativism, crowdfunding in times of austerity and much more. Order a free copy now.

  • Reclaiming the Corporate Owned Self

    The American born artist Jennifer Lyn Morone registered herself as a corporation in 2014, founding Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc. As the founder, CEO, owner, shareholder and product of her own company, she sells, leases, rents or invests her personal data for her own profit. She has commercialised her hormones and diamonds made from her hair, advertising them through satirical videos.