• Celebrating the success of State Machines!

    Throughout 2 years, close to 66,500 people across Europe and over 100,000 online engaged with the State Machines programme. We introduced audiences to the works of more than 400 artists, creatives and researchers – originating from 42 countries, inside and outside Europe. State Machines succeeded in multiple ways: exhibitions conceived at the edges of Europe travelled to multiple venues, channeling attention to new artists and new ideas, while institutional-scale projects found new forms in diverse spaces outside their usual orbits.

  • State Machines book – OUT NOW!

    The contents of the book "State Machines - Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance and Art" shed light on a selection of the ideas and activities currently resisting the hegemonic, systemic violations of often talked about but seldom cited human rights.




  • Self as Actor

    June 2nd, 2019

    Footage of the Self as actor exhibition and performance at the NeMe Arts Centre in Limassol Cyprus.

  • Radical Networks

    March 26th, 2019

    The talk by Sarah Grant at the conference Critical Engineering (Tactics&Practice#7) in Ljubljana