• Announcing State Machines Art Commission – Vending Private Network

    We are delighted to announce the selection of Vending Private Network by The Critical Engineering Working Group for the State Machines new art commission. This new interactive artwork will be touring to four international galleries: Furtherfield Gallery, NeMe Arts Centre, Aksioma Project Space and Filodrammatica.

  • Transnationalisms Conference in Ljubljana

    An international conference about identity and citizenship in the age of planetary-scale computation exploring the ways in which technology, art, and migration are changing the nation state. Who counts as a citizen? Where is home, when everything you have is online? How do you measure a melting border? And what might a community of the future look like?






  • I Saw the Blockchain at the End of the World, Turned Around, and Walked Back

    A mysterious and controversial technology is among us: the blockchain. Constructed by unicorns piecing together the necessary building blocks of code, cryptography and incentives, it can lead humankind to Utopia, or to the Final Solution – the End.

  • Notes from the Excluded Middle

    Is the idea of society as the totality of individuals the only way of envisioning human sociality, or is it only a historically determined construct? What other dimensions emerge when we shift from thinking in terms of individuals to dividuals and their assembling into condividuals? Which are the political implications of this shift in the contemporary capitalism that already operates on a condividual level?